ArchLabs 5 R2-D2 : Fix Big or Inconsistent Cursor Size in 4K display

I’ve been playing around with the new distro called ArchLabs , from the name it is obvious that it’s an Arch-based distro. This distro is trying to make Arch version of BunsenLabs which is based on Debian. The latest version of ArchLabs is version 5.0, it’s has codename R2-D2, what a cool codename, right :D.

My experience with this distro is been really good, i’m trying out this distro as on My ThinkPad X250 that i use for my work at the office or other places outside my home. Previously i’m using Elementary Loki on this laptop, i never use openbox for long time, i have tried it but not for long time. But this distro is giving be good impression of openbox, it has so many cool features installed, some cool themes icons and tool for customizing it, it’s even has some predefined conky script that we can choose. 

One of my problem with this distro is the cursor size. When i connect to 4K monitor at my office, the cursor becoming really big, and it’s annoyed me. To fix that i have to changed some configuration files :


Add this line

Xcursor.size: 32

After restart it’s changed the cursor size on the desktop, menu toolbar and some openbox window settings, but when i move the cursor to other application like SublimeText, Google Chrome or even terminator, it still show the big cursors.


After googling around for couple minutes i found one if the possible solution, which is to edit gtk setting, and edit the gtk-cursor-theme-size options


Not so sure what changes after i that modification, but the cursor still huge on many applications like google chrome and sublime text which I assumed it GTK based. I almost gave up, but then i tried to looking around some file inside ~/.config see if one of them has some config related to ‘cursor’. And i found one of this in my cased become the solution,


This is xml setting files for xfce desktop, which probably show up here because this distro include Xfce4Setting Manager, which i think is quite good, i use it to set dual monitor setup and it’s working as it should be.

Anyway, back to the topic, i found a xml property which related the cursor size “CursorThemeSize”, then i changed that line to this :

<property name=”CursorThemeSize” type=”int” value=”32″/>

After that i restart my laptop and finally the cursor size changed like it should be. You can tried with different icon size you like, 32 is my prefered size.

I hope this post will be useful for anyone having similar problem.


If you’re not ArchLabs user, I suggest to try this beautiful linux distro, the creator of it, Erik Dubois has many post about Arch Labs in his blog, and also some vedeo tutorial in his Youtube Channel.



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