How to Disable “annoying” Auto Resize & Auto Alignment in Netbeans Gui Builder

Using Netbeans Gui Builder is one of the easiest way to build a GUI in Java. But, recently i got a problem with  Auto Resize & Auto Alignment every time i try to move or resize jButton, jTextField, jPanel or the other component in GUI Builder. Actually that feature sometimes pretty much helpful, because it’s make your GUI design neat.But, that feature can be really annoying, for example when i was making a complex user unterface and it contain so many component, and i also need to make sure that the size of jFrame didn’t exceed the maximum resolution. So, i try to googled it, and i got pretty good solution.

The solution is related to Layout type of jFrame. I just need to change Layout Type to Absolute Layout.

Netbeans GUI Builder

Netbeans GUI Builder; Set Layout -> Absolute Layout

That’s all.


PS : [spoiler]as always, sorry for my bad English :-)[/spoiler]


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